31st March 2017

Act 3 Scene 4

Characters: Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Rosse, Lenox, Lords and attendants, Murderer, The ghost of Banquo

Location: A room in the palace.

Events: There is a banquet and Macbeth welcomes everyone. The first Murderer informs Macbeth privately that Banquo has been killed, but Macbeth is dismayed to hear of Fleance’s escape.  Macbeth pretends to be disapointed at Banquo’s absence from the feast and is then appalled at the sight of his ghost and makes everyone curious and suspicious. Lady Macbeth tries to reassure everyone that her Macbeth’s strange behaviour is nothing to worry about and then privately rebukes him for showing fear. Macbeth apologises to everyone and tries to regain his composure, but is unnerved by the reappearance of the ghost. The thanes depart in disorder, leaving Macbeth to brood upon the uncanny ways in which murders are often reealed. He wonders suspiciously why Macduff had refused to attend the feast. Macbeth determines to visit the Witches early the next day to learn the worst that might happen, vowing that further bloody deeds will take plave.



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