4th April 2017

Act 3 Scene 6

Characters: Lenox and a lord

Location: Somewhere in Scotland

After Lenox’s ironic account of events, the lord reports that Macbeth is with the English King, Edward the Confessor, and that Macduff has journeyed there to find support for an attack upon Macbeth.Lenox and the lord agree that Macduff would be well advised to stay out of Macbeth’s way.

Quote: “I’ll send my prayers with him.”

Explanation: This is said by the lord. Him refers to Macduff. The reason he’s sending his prayer with Macbeth is because he is worried that Macduff is threatened by Macbeth. The audience already knows this information. This means that characters (the lords and noblemen of Scotland now do not trust their king, Macbeth.

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  1. That’s right. What is interesting is that the audience now also knows that the lords and noblemen of Scotland no longer have faith in their King, Macbeth.


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