17th October 2017

Flawed and Perfect

In the duology, Flawed and Perfect, Cecelia Ahern uses the protagonist Celestine North and the utopian society to explain how humans strive for perfection and what they are willing to compromise in order to achieve this. The flawed society is set in the not-too-distant future after the country has experienced a very difficult time. “Banks folded, the government collapsed, the economy was ravaged, unemployment and emigration soared. People were blindsided by what happened, and the leaders were blamed . . . It was their bad judgment, their bad decisions that led to the country’s collapse. They were evil; they had destroyed families and homes, and they were to suffer. They were the morally flawed people who had brought about our downfall.” In reaction to this the society sets up the guild, an organisation built on keeping people perfect and branding those who step out of line as “Flawed”. It is to keep people in check and ensure that nothing like that happens ever again. In the Flawed society those who are Flawed are limited and controlled. The Flawed are portrayed as harmful to the society. “ It was decided that any person who made any error in judgment would be rooted out of society entirely.” It is a society based on logic and the best interest of the people.

Celestine North is the protagonist of this story. She is perfect. The rules are set to protect the perfect and punish the Flawed. She is disgusted by the Flawed like the rest of the people in the society. She respects the guild and is even going out with Art Crevan, the son of the head of the guild, Judge Crevan. When her neighbour is seized by the guild, she is shocked to find someone she had known her entire life could be Flawed. Despite this, she still believes the guild is good and that it is a positive impact on the society. But when a Flawed elderly man having a coughing fit on her bus looks as if he is going to die, she has no choice but to intervene. This act shatters her perfect life as she is branded Flawed and for the first time questions the system. She begins to question whether humanity is a fair trade for perfection. 

She becomes part of the Flawed and learn that being perfection is not the ultimate goal and begins to learn that humanity is a greater gift than perfection.

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