Otago University,
For your consideration

Ever since I was a kid and I saw a picture of my brain in an X-Ray machine, I have been interested in psychology. When I was five years old I was given my first psychology book. I learned about basic brain structure and each section of the brain’s role. I learned about memory and emotions and senses. The whole thing was so riveting to me. I became engrossed in the subject of psychology. Since then, my interest and knowledge have continued to grow and expand and I am fascinated with all aspects of the human brain. That is why I am applying for a psychology scholarship.

I love Albert Ellis’s and Aaron T. Beck’s contribution to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and Freud’s contribution to talk therapy. As someone with generalized anxiety and social anxiety, CBT and talk therapy has been so important to my recovery so I know that it works very effectively and I have great respect for Ellis, Aaron T. Beck, and Sigmund Freud. I have great belief in both of these techniques. Both of these techniques saved my life so I know personally how important these branches of psychology and psychology as a whole are.

It is my dream to get a Master’s in psychology and I strongly believe in the Otago University psychology course. I am aware that this course is world-renowned. I hold a lot of respect towards it and it is my first choice of university.

I am going to volunteer for Youthline and Samaritans as soon as I come of age (18) because I love helping people, especially those struggling with mental health issues.

I do well in school. I passed level 1 with a Merit endorsement and aim to pass level 2 with Excellence endorsement. I did particularly well in the science externals such as biology. 

I have good mathematical skills and I am currently taking level 2 statistics. I can interpret large quantities of data and can easily find patterns within graphs. This means I can conduct experiments and find information with ease. I can find data and apply it to many different issues. I am also doing biology. This means I know how to find out information in the human body. I have always been interested in human biology but the brain is most fascinating to me by far. I have good research skills. I can conduct experiments and find information. In year 8 I had to do a project on anything to do with science. I chose to research how colors affect emotion. The teacher said I did fantastically and I got a high mark for my experiment.

I have seen how psychology has shaped our modern world for the better. I particularly enjoy the new development of the human connectome project (HCP). I believe HCP can revolutionize psychology as we know it and I find that extremely fascinating and exciting. If HCP works on humans in the future, which I have no doubt that it will, it would make learning about and compare brains so much easier. We could see changes in people’s brains over time much easier and may even be able to prevent mental disorders like dementia. 

I would love to contribute to the field of psychology and help be a part of a science that improves many people’s lives

I would strongly appreciate being given the opportunity to learn about the human brain at Otago University and I would love to get a scholarship.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
[email protected]

Kind regards, Luella Harry

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  1. This is starting to read nicely. I’d encourage you to be even more specific. For example when you say “I learned about memory and emotions and sense” – what did you learn? What was interesting about this – and how did you apply it?



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