28th June 2018


Gambler’s Fallacy, Black/White Thinking, Ad Hominem, Slippery slope, Call to Science, False Cause, Strawman

(black/white thinking) You either have a monogamous relationship or you’re a cheater. (Ad hominem attack) Everyone in an open/poly relationship is an unhappy slut with loose morals who is destroying traditional relationships. (slippery slope) You start with an open relationship and then your man will leave you for another woman when he gets sick of you. (strawman) Polygamous cults are evil and morally wrong.

(ad hominem) All feminists are hairy, ugly, angry women upset because they cannot get a man. (slippery slope) You start with women having the same rights as me, you end up with a society with male genocide. (strawman) We do not want to live in a society where women oppress men.

(ad hominem) People with mental health issues are just lazy and aren’t trying hard enough to get their lives in order. (false cause) People have mental health issues because they are stupid.  

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